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Industry Endorsements

“Being in the IT industry and Information Security Industry for more than 25 years, I am very happy that today, we have programmes in India which focus exclusively on Cloud and Infrastructure Technologies.

I have been associated with the team of iNurture and their approach in making “Latest Technologies” available to the students. I believe that this approach will help the students to get better jobs and careers”

    – Veeradhi Babji, General Manager-Global Infrastructure Services Wipro Technologies

“We came to your institute for campus placement and selected M. Sc. Mobile Application students from your institute. M.Sc. Mobile Application’s Curriculum is good and it is really as per the market trend. It has been beneficial to our company and the students both.”

– Upendra Patel, CTO – Tri-State Technology

“We are glad to inform you those students recruited from the i-Nurture Education Solution’s Gujarat University campus are working as per company’s norms and are regularly coordinating with their departmental heads and their external guide. The company got the same level of satisfaction from i-Nurture’s curriculum taught at the university; we would also suggest that if the same curriculum is taught in various universities more number of professionals can be graduated. Along this we are also looking forward for such opportunities in near future.”

– Sushil Agrawal, Qpage Publications

“We in the recent past has been building some of the largest Enterprise and Campus Networks in the country, while engaging with CIO’s and CEO’s, the direction they are planning and working towards is true convergence of the IP Infrastructure, their customers be it internal or external demand services non-stop, without disruption and 24X7X360.

To deliver services from Always On to Always Available we need industry specific domain experts.

This brings new opportunities to design, build and manage these complex infrastructures, and I am happy to note that iNurture Education Solutions are delivering Industry Specific Courses to address this very need through their IT Infrastructure Management Services (ITIMS) curriculum for B. Sc. / M. Sc. courses, which I have personally reviewed and endorse.
We wish iNurture all the success in its endeavor to produce industry specific domain experts that we and the industry can tap into and wish them all the best.”

– Shiv Deviah, Country Manager – Lantro Technologies India Pvt. Ltd.

“I found the concept of an MBA in Creative Management quite novel and refreshing. The course appears well-equipped to prepare students much better for careers in media, marketing and advertising.
The syllabus is quite impressive, with many first-of-its-kind modules for building capabilities to use the right brain in a structured way.
It will address a significant gap of today and looks certain to create a large market for itself.”

– C K Venkataraman, Chief Operating Officer – Tanishq

“In today’s corporate world there is room for specialists, not generalists. In this context the Creative Management course at iNurture is refreshing and welcome. It better equips individuals for the realities of the life we lead today in our working environment.
I see this as a significant leap in curriculum that will benefit, not just the individuals, but also the relevant industry.
Kudos to the creators of Creative Management and we will eagerly await the first batch of students that come out of this course.”

– Kamal Basu, , CMO Skoda (I) and ex-CEO – Saatchi & Saatchi, India

“What I find so powerful about the Creative Management course is that, it is genuinely contextual – that is to say, it is designed to free and empower the creative spirit, while at the same time offering a serious grounding in the reality of today’s business environment.
I wish this course had been around when I was a kid unsure of what to do with my future. And I look forward very eagerly to being able to hire from the first batch of their graduates.”

– Maia Katrak, Chairman – The Republic

“I think training in Creative Sciences is a terrific idea! I believe we’re moving swiftly into an ‘Ideas Economy’ driven by innovative young minds.
Rather than relying merely on a knowledge-based education system, we need far more minds that can create and ideate.
Creative thinking in every sphere of business will lead to great society changing ideas…. and that’s exactly what India needs!”

– Subash Kamat, Managing Partner – BBH

“I have gone through your syllabus for both BSc and MSc Animation. I would like to congratulate you for putting together a very detailed and well thought out syllabus. This syllabus would help students understand the basics and at the same time, supports them with industry based exposure as well.
It is my observation that the syllabus that you have put together covers almost all the subjects that are very relevant to our applications.”

– Hari Talupur,Head Marketing,EnSci

“It is great to see how i- nurture has planned the creative management course. What is amazing is that such a course exists.

Creative leaders everywhere have a unique opportunity to transform the way the world works. We need to stay inspired, take risks and tread un-trodden paths to enable change.”

– Sneha Iype Varma, Executive Producer – Nirvana Film (Makers of the ZooZoo, the Hutch ‘dog’ and other international and national award winning advertising films)

“I have gone through the syllabus and course content. I believe that iNurture has taken pioneering steps in putting together courses which are in tune with latest trends and which are industry relevant”

Latha Rajagopalan, Engineering Mgr (Ex)-Cisco Systems, Telecom Consultant – IIT Chennai

“I have gone through the syllabus and course content. and I am convinced that the efforts put by by iNurture in designing the syllabus curriculum and content for these courses are in line with current industry trends. The courses are emphasizing more on practicals which is a very good initiative for better learning. The courses when delivered by skilled faculties in this model will definitely enhance students knowledge and equip them with necessary skills to seek and grab a good job as the knowledge and skills gained will open the doors for vast career growth and tremendous job opportunities in the booming IT Industry.”

Samrat Mitra, Technical Manager (Ex) – ITC Infotech, Bangalore

“The curriculum at iNuture is comprehensive, relevant and designed meticulously giving a wonderful opportunity to its students to showcase and channelize their talents productively. A great platform for those wanting to explore fresh concepts and broaden career options. The combination of theory followed by practice at the institute will definitely prove to be beneficial for the artists graduating from here.”

– Rajshree Aggarwal, VP-Marketing, Turtle In Motion Studios

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