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Unbelievable Tutting - Award pic

Project Name: Unbelievable Tutting
Project By: Saipriya S and Ulrich Shane Correa, M.Sc Animation, Jain University, Bangalore
Guided By: Subhajit Das, Arun. L and Lourdraj. K
Duration: 02:11 minutes

iNurture is proud to announce that a unique project by Saipriya S and Ulrich Shane Correa, M.Sc Animation students at Jain University, has won the award for the best VFX short film at the prestigious FICCI BAF AWARDS 2017. The project titled ‘Unbelievable Tutting’, in which a confluence of music, dance, and visual effects created true magic, impressed the jury and the audience alike.

This project is about conveying the inner feelings and emotions of a person through art forms, which includes music, dance and mainly visual effects. The project was initiated with the inspiration of several music and dance videos, which were plain and this idea of adding visual effects to the dance and music video to make it more interesting. We had to do an extensive research on the type of visual effects that needed to be added and a form of unique style of dance called ‘Tutting’.

The preproduction stages started with the basic video shoots of Ulrich dancing in front of the green screen. Several shoots were taken and one was finalised. The video was bifurcated into several parts to make things easier and the Animatics was done in a rough sketch format on top of the green screen footage.

Production stage was the challenging part to achieve and match proper effects with the dance. Learning several new techniques helped us to get the desired output in the required time. There was guidance from faculties that helped them to learn about several art forms and methods. Several experiments were been done during project with the look and feel aspects also.

Post-Production stages included digital imagery process such as color correction, video editing, audio editing and few others. This project was completed in a relatively shorter span of time.

Watch the ‘Unbelievable Tutting’ video:

Watch the award ceremony:

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