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The Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology is a visionary, experimental and curatorial institute of media arts and sciences, that offers art and design education at the undergraduate, post graduate and doctorate levels. Srishti’s culture encourages thinking, questioning and experimenting to harness the artistic and intellectual potential of each individual and place the institution at the leading edge of contemporary art and design discourse. A multi-disciplinary approach inculcates self-initiated learning and independent thinking and expands perceptual perspectives. This applies not only within the discipline of art and design, but also the social and natural sciences, pure and applied, cultural and contextual diversity, community and commerce, traditional and avant-garde. This stems from knowing that no single discipline can capture the complex and dynamic richness of everyday emergent reality.

Over the past nineteen years, Srishti has changed the face of Indian education bringing alive concepts of “integrated design”. Srishti has been able to attract and invite artists, teachers, practitioners and researchers from within India and across the globe to interact and share knowledge in emergent fields of art-science, business-design, technology-research and other emerging cross-disciplinary areas. Regular interaction with design studios, production and distribution centers, community projects, retail establishments and industry forms a vital bridge between Srishti and the world.

Srishti responds to the needs and opportunities as they emerge in the environment and it has successfully attempted to blend the new and the old, the traditional and the contemporary—the only thing constant being change at Srishti. Srishti’s mission is facilitated by its organizational structure – a “community of learners” comprising industry-experienced faculty and energetic students who continually explore and experiment with art and design pedagogies, aesthetics, values and innovative practices.

Srishti Institute and iNurture Education Solutions Pvt (Ltd) have entered into an agreement where Srishti will be the knowledge partner for the various Undergraduate Technical Programs – B. Voc (awarded by University of Mysore) which will be offered in select institution/facility across the country for offsite campus learning and wherein iNurture will be responsible for the end to end management of these programmes including placement assistance ,faculty recruitment, student mobilization and marketing of all such programmes. The Undergraduate Technical Design Program is currently be offered at the Srishti Pune & Trivandrum centers.

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