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Prof.Sapna Nibsaiya Wins First Prize at EdgeFarm HR Case Study Competition

Prof. Sapna Nibasaiya

iNurture congratulates Prof.Sapna Nibsaiya, Mentor, Marketing Leadership and Innovation at Jain University, Bangalore,for winning the First prize at the 3rd edition of EdgeFarm – the HR Case Study Competition, conducted by CII at Mumbai. Her case study, ‘Trans Friendly or Trans Phobic’, for which she won the award, is about transgender inclusive workplace. It started off as a study on creating LGBT inclusive workplaces in 2016 at the National Conference in Jain University. The current case is an extension of her previous research paper.

The case study was included in CII’s HR case writing competition with an aim to see that HR teams start thinking and initiating plans to use talent of this untapped category of people. From the research it is proved that if given an opportunity to work, they are more loyal and committed towards their work.


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