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The Galileo – Studialis network

Join the Galileo – Studialis network of Global Education, and get connected to 47 partner schools in 7 countries around the world that are united with the common aim of transforming your enthusiasm into professional success.

Marketing, advertising, design, graphic design, 3D, fashion, art appreciation, cultural management, art business, events, audio-visual, media, Web marketing… Whatever your choice of profession, the Galileo – Studialis network gives you the best possible training.

The network’s know-how is unique. It brings the design and management world together, thus boosting innovation in all related areas.

The Galileo – Studialis advantage:

  • The guarantee of quality education, as demonstrated by network’s global ranking and the excellent brand reputation that the network enjoys.
  • The largest European network of professional corporate partnerships for the best internships and successful placements.
  • Involvement of various teams in your professional project.
  • Interdisciplinarity between schools in the network. Diversity results in increased opportunities for you, when building your learning path, and strengthens your employability.
  • The internationalization of programs offered by schools in the network. The Galileo network has established multiple partnerships internationally to promote exchange programs for students who are a part of the network.

Enrolling into a school which ranks amongst Europe’s leading B-Schools means you can be very sure of the quality of the training. Joining the largest professional network in Europe means you will get every chance to become a competitive player in the international job market.

Galileo – Studialis in numbers:

  • 47 schools worldwide
  • 40,000 students trained every year
  • 100,000 alumni
  • 31 teaching campuses
  • 38 certified degrees in France

280 international partners

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