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About iNurture


Established in the year 2009, iNurture is the pioneering organization in enabling career-ready formal higher education in India. It strives to strengthen ‘employability quotient’ across the complete spectrum of adult learning – from colleges to corporate.

On the formal higher education front, iNurture supports universities and autonomous institutions to ‘intelligently nurture’ students by offering new-age undergraduate and postgraduate programs. These programs help students to become career-ready upon graduation, land jobs in fast-growing new-age sectors and develop successful careers. Meanwhile, the iNurturePro certification programs help non-iNurture students to get industry-ready and busy professionals to upskill in various new-age industry domains to accelerate their career progress.

iNurture focuses on fast-growing, new-age verticals such as Information Technology (Cloud Technology, Information Security, IT Infrastructure, Mobile Applications, Web Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science and Internet of Things), Marketing Leadership and Innovation (Digital Marketing and Advertising, Brand Management and Communication, International Business, E-Commerce, Tourism and Hospitality Management, Luxury Goods Management and Sports Management), Financial Services, Business Analytics, New Media (Digital Filmmaking, Visual Effects and Animation) and Design* (Digital Filmmaking, Digital Media Production, Graphic Art and Experience, User Interface and Interaction Engineering, Creative Manufacturing, Design and Build – Interiors, Graphic Arts, Design Practices, Product Design, Transportation Design, Interaction Design and Retail & Packaging Design).


To Build a robust ecosystem in fast growing sectors that will create a strong knowledge capital.


To become thought leaders by defining education in sectors that will matter in the future and also to become the largest provider of career-ready students to industry.

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